~Thunkin’ Egg Thoughts~


An Egg!? For crying out loud is that what photography is all about!?

Some of us, had a project in Photography 101 which involved an egg. Decades ago, it was my turn to take the photo of that egg in class. A simple photo without any frills but with interpretation. We had the night to do just that, and after hours overthinking how to take that photo, I just took a photo of an egg and mainly winged it. I was more confused as to what to do with it than anything. An Egg!? For crying out loud is that what photography is all about!? I do remember those thoughts and luckily, I have always kept that little egg in my head through the years.

Egg Craters

Today I was in transit. I have begun to get out and travel a bit more. I normally post the day of or night before a challenge/post and time was chasing me. Once breakfast was calling, I saw The Egg and that 101 class came to me in spades. I thought a good shot or two of it would be good for Macro Monday albeit late in the day – here is my post for Macro Monday. The Brown Egg working it with that 100mmR lens that I so love to use.

A smoother look up close.

So, I guess the moral of this story is… shoot whatever but shoot it the way you really FEEL about the subject and moment. Take the time to shoot it and feel it. I sure as heck am not making any money off shooting an egg here but I am sure making my photography interpretation a creative plus for myself. I get happy doing real simple things like this. If someone was paying me to photograph an egg… well, yes, I would shoot it the way I was told to do to make a buck. In today’s macro, luckily, I can be me.

Be you.

*Thankful for the egg*

Till next time,

Kathleen Jennette

Responses to “~Thunkin’ Egg Thoughts~”

  1. I had not considered photographing an egg but now I am thinking of trying it. Thanks for the inspiration. 😁

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    1. You are welcome. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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  2. Eggs are delicious! Your macro shows the texture which reminds me of the moon’s craters. 😊


    1. I love eggs too. Yes, it does mimic the moon 🙂

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      1. Salt substitute for me, some ground black pepper or even a little chili powder on them, Yum! I like to put just a bit of butter on them too, especially when I wreck them!

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